Hip meets Spine – Annual Conference

20–21 March 2020 • Strasbourg, France

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We invite you to Dinner at the Maison Kammerzell on Friday, 20 March 2020!

Maison Kammerzell is a must-see situated on the Place de la Cathédral in Strasbourg, in the centre of what is called the Heart of Europe.

Even Patricia Schulz, author of the famous “1000 place to see before you die”, mentions Maison Kammerzell in her book as one of the most beautiful brasseries in the world.

Strasbourg is proud to present Maison Kammerzell as one of its most charming buildings, an authentic and traditional symbol of the city’s age-old values. The original architecture of the building, somewhat come straight out of a fairy tale, is a great example of the region’s traditional artistic past. Wooden sculptures, frescoes, spiral staircases and view angles are just some of the details that reveal the richness of the past of this monument.

Spend time with your friends and colleagues while enjoying regional specialties.

DateFriday, 20 March
Venue16, place de la Cathédrale

67000 Strasbourg
Price65 EUR per person

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